social. secure.

Amidst the growing concerns over privacy with NSA snooping and leaked photos wouldn't it be nice to know your social media and confidential files are secure?

LockChat secures your data like never before. While anyone can encrypt your data in the cloud we take it quite a few steps further. In order to access any of the LockChat features or data you'll need an app installed on your phone, tablet, or desktop and all versions of the app forbid screen captures, making it a lot harder to copy any text or images you send.

You can also choose to add rules to your AES-256 encrypted data. The rules and info are all stored in a single packet with additional layers of security. Send texts, images, movies, audio, pdfs and more without ever having to worry that they're being shared, copied or accessed without your permission. You can even track access to shared files!

Locking Opions

Date & Time

  • Expiration date (automatic deletion)
  • Viewable time range (i.e. 9AM to 4PM)
  • Set which days of the week an item is viewable
  • Don't allow viewing until a certian date

Location Locking

This feature allows you to set a specific location (i.e. the office) and a range (i.e. 10 miles). You can then allow the item to be viewed only inside or only outside of that area.

Network Locking

Companies often need to share proprietary or confidential information with its employees or affiliates. But what happens when that person or group leaves? With LockChat the file(s) are never stored locally and you can grant/deny permission based on IP address at any time, securing your sensitive information.

Device Requirements

Let's face it, not all devices are created equal. Some are more beatiful, some more powerful and others more secure. You can lock content to certain devices using LockChat. Don't trust mobile devices? Disallow them all. Only want Apple or Microsoft devices? Done. You have the control.

Knowledge Requirements

  • Add a password
  • Create question/answer pairs that must be answered correctly


Windows Phone 8+: click here

Windows 8.1+ desktops: click here


invoicing made simple

Running a small business isn't always easy. Make life a little simpler with BlackInk and create customize invoices for your clients with ease. You can automatically email PDF quotes and invoices straight to your client from BlackInk. You can also keep track of payments, outstanding balances and store your documents securely.

All of your sensitive information is stored securely using AES-256 encryption. With the BlackInk app your can access your data from your mobile devices anywhere, even create and send invoices while out of the office.


Online: Early October 2014
Mobile: Coming December 2014


home theater cinema

You've done it, you've built the ultimate home theater...now you just need a great way to watch your movies. Oh sure, you can simply hook your projector up to your PC or cablebox or what-have-you. But, if you're after a more realistic movie experience you'll want HTCinema. Use IMDB to sync all of your relevent movie information. Setup a custom intro that plays whenever you start a movie. You can even use hte companion app to queue up movies from your phone or other Windows 8+ device.

Note: Companion capability is now built into HTCinema using "Remote Mode" any tablet or PC can control your HTCinema device in "Theater Mode".


Version 1.1 available now on the app store: click here.