Controls. Controls. Controls.

We've been making NETMF GUI libraries for a long time. First there was Pyxis 2, then there was Spiral for low memory devices, followed by Clix and Tinkr. Following in their tradition Synth offers lots of control options for you to choose from. Each of our controls comes with touch, keyboard and mouse support built-in. And, as always, you can create your own controls rapidly by inheriting from the Control class.

Extending NETMF

Along with controls and GUI features, we've packed a lot of extensions into this offering. From string sorting to byte conversion and more. The new IniReader class makes it easy to create simple section based settings for your applications. Our updated XMLReader and XMLNode classes allow you to work with XML data without having to use the obsoleted libraries that come with NETMF. These classes even handle attributes with their names and allow you to add/update/save XML node trees.

Hardware and Applications

A lot of attention has gone towards allowing you to run multiple types (and instances) of programs on as many hardware combinations as possible with as little work as possible. The ApplicationManager and DeviceManager do all the heavy lifting while you reap all the benefits!

Note: Synth is currently in Release Candidate status. This means while nearly everything is there, some controls may need additional development or new controls may still be added. Additionally documentation will be unavailable or not up-to-date until we reach full release status.