Developer: Thomas W. Holtquist

CIFS Code: WouterH


SynthDOS is fully configurable and can run on a wide variety of hardware. Most NETMF devices run a single application, but with the Synthlibrary at its core, SynthDOS can run any number of applications straight off your SD card or other storage medium.

Without having to do any extra work at all, you can instantly run a standard NETMF application (.pe file) from inside SynthDOS by simply calling the file. These applications are loaded into RAM and while they will exit, their code is not removed from RAM until a system reboot occurs.
(example: $synth> \sd\apps\chess\

By wrapping your application inside of a Skewworks IApplication interface it gains the ability to be loaded inside of a new AppDomain. This means your application can run independently of other applications and it can be removed from RAM entirely. Applications created in this way can be updated and relaunched without ever needing to reboot your device!

With SynthDOS you no longer have to worry about generating HEX files or having your device physically connected to your PC in order to update your program.

Thanks to the ability to launch native NETMF or Skewworks applications from SD/USB or other storage mediums, you know longer have to flash your program to run it. And by using the HTTPGET command or CIFS you don't even need to have the device near your PC. You only need an internet or network connection.